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“FIFA 18” review: not just games, but also a fingertip game

On September 29th, 2017, the series of football games “FIFA 18” developed by EA Sports was unlocked and landed on various platforms. As an annual football masterpiece, “FIFA 18” in addition to routinely updated the latest transfer market and player ability values, based on the core gameplay before inheritance, also added and optimized some new details, let the game The feel is more inclined to a real football confrontation, not just a game.

The player’s movements in the body against the jersey are more realistic.
The player’s movements in the body against the jersey are more realistic.

Against the details of the optimization of the real football experience

Compared to the previous game, “FIFA 18” has worked hard on the details of the player model, and the 3D face model makes the player look more realistic. And some of the most popular big-name players use the latest real player action technology, and the new animation system brings unprecedented sensitivity. Every action in the game, from small to large details to celebrating posture, always highlights the player’s distinctive personality.

The optimization against the details is more real than the previous one. The goalkeeper’s direct catching action is reduced. In the handling of high-altitude balls and fast-arc balls, more realistic boxing balls or saves are used. In the player’s operation, the defensive steal is slightly more difficult than the previous one. The 1V1 is easier, but the player’s physical confrontation is relatively weak. It is difficult to see the strong forward wearing the defender for a long time. The picture is gone. Of course, “FIFA” real club copyright is also one of the biggest highlights, the original team LOGO, jersey design, plus the high-reduction team at home and each team’s unique audience cheers, It’s still a bit like watching TV live.

The goalkeeper is closer to the real football in the handling of the high-altitude ball
The goalkeeper is closer to the real football in the handling of the high-altitude ball

The AI ​​is greatly improved. The offensive defense is smoother.

Whether it is against the player or against the computer, the players in the game can only control a small number of players or two at the same time, then the AI ​​of other non-ball players is very important. Almost every generation of “FIFA” works will upgrade the AI ​​IQ. After getting the latest “FIFA 18”, you will find that the AI ​​has a relatively large improvement compared to the previous game, whether it is in the offensive wing or the off-ball position. The defender’s timely replenishment is more powerful, making the offense more strategic and defensive. However, the improvement of AI also makes the computer slightly more difficult. It is no longer the stupid computer that stood on the field. When you kick the goal kick, you are not careful about the position of the opponent. It is easy to be directly robbed and hit the empty door.

The new work also strengthens the subjective level of some important attributes. For example, the visual attribute directly affects the player’s long pass point, and no longer just looks at the long pass attribute. Calming attributes also affect the player’s choice in special circumstances. Those who are not calm are often more likely to choose to make a big break when they are forced to grab.

Gameplay Diversity Hunter’s journey

As a shortcoming of sports games, “FIFA 18” has no new mode of play, or three mainstream games: career mode, online UT team and Hunter football journey. The online UT gameplay has introduced a single-week weekly game, similar to a “ladder” system. Every Monday, EA will issue corresponding rewards to players according to the ranking. The career model has not changed much, and a new player trading story has been added to make the transfer transaction more real.

Finally, I will focus on Hunter’s football journey mode. This model first appeared after FIFA 17 and won high praise from the players. Our Hunter is about to embark on a new journey. In addition to the new plot, EA actually invited the legendary Manchester United defender Ferdinand, the king of Highbury Henry and the NBA gourd Harden to help out. Players have more decision-making power for Hunter, and the impact is even greater. The number of fans who have spared last season will also be directly related to the unlocking of some novelty fashions and hairstyles.

In general, as a year-round “New Year” series, “FIFA 18” brings the player’s innovation to the satisfaction, although there is no innovation in the gameplay, but considering the limitations of sports games (22 Individuals kick around a ball, and really can’t think of any novel gameplay…), the existing mainstream gameplay is enough for players to savor.

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