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“FIFA18” UT mode new content graphic explanation

What are the new features of the “FIFA18” UT mode? Many players are not aware of the following Xiao Bian bring you new features and new content in the “FIFA18” UT mode. I hope everyone likes it.

As EA and Microsoft’s legendary exclusive license expired, EA SPORTS named the legendary player ICONS. Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch platforms will all be able to play the content of legendary stars. So far EA SPORTS has announced 16 legendary stars.

They are: Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Henri, Jasin, Bailey, Gullit, Robert Carlos, Okocha, Vieira, Schmeichel, Puyo Del Piero, Irving, Deco, Ferdinand. The attributes of these legendary players can be found here.

Objectives goals

This is a new small feature in the FUT that accomplishes daily or weekly system-specific goals by completing a series of small tasks in the game or in the mobile app. These goals are related to lineup management and also allow you to complete specific challenges in the game. The more challenging the goal is, the better the rewards will be.

Squad Building Challenges

There will be some changes in the FUT 18 regarding the SBC. The demand for forming a lineup will be merged, for example: “The lineup requires the inclusion of two U.S. players in the MLS league.” In addition, you will encounter SBC challenge missions where the lineup slot is locked and replaced with specific conditions (a nationality, a league, or a team). This will make SBC’s gameplay more varied and more challenging.

The SBC will be divided into the following categories:
Player SBC – A challenge task that awards specific players;
League SBC – Test your knowledge of the world’s major leagues and reward them with specific players.
Special SBCs will include specific time-limited SBCs, FUT Champion SBCs, active SBCs, and more.
Squad Battles Lineup Battle
In this new model, you will be able to challenge the lineup of professional players, professional FIFA players, celebrities (such as music producers), Youtuber and others. According to different difficulty levels, you will get the corresponding points after winning the challenge. Accumulation of points will result in corresponding rankings and levels, and the higher the ranking, the better the award will be.

Champions Channel Champion Channel

This is the function launched by EA SPORTS specifically for FIFA eSports. Here you will be able to see the best match of the world’s top players. You can switch between viewing angles, fast forwards, and reverses during the viewing process. At the same time, there will be detailed event reminders on the timeline, and the wonderful goals will not be missed.

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